About SK Technologies

SK Technologies was first established in 2006 as an official reseller of Control Techniques equipment. We are also agents for various other automation products and equipment.

SK Technologies was founded by Ryan Sampson and Jacques Kruger. Both Ryan and Jacques come from a firm electrical, commercial and industrial automation background, with a combined experience of 20 years. Another benefit is that they have extensive experience in different aspects and fields of the business in terms of different types of industry. We pride ourselves in solutions for customers, we enjoy challenges and always tackle everything with confidence in ourselves and our products.

SK Technologies presides in Bellville, being central to most large industrial areas within the Western Cape, and are on call 24 hours a day all year around. We also keep large quantities of stock in order to service our customers better.

The business is driven by a sales team which can offer your normal day to day unit sales as well as full turnkey projects no matter how big or small. We consist of highly experienced engineers, both design and software.

Being an official reseller for Control Techniques we can offer any drive solution imaginable. We pride ourselves in our firm knowledge of our products, of which is a key aspect to be able to support our customers 24/7. We also have the support and expertise of Control Techniques International behind us. Making SK Technologies a very formidable force with motor control in the Western Cape.

Having done a number of basic and high dynamic servo applications, we can offer complete servo solutions and knowledge like few others. Also with our servo drives we can retrofit to most existing servo motor in the market place allowing for cheaper upgrades and more cost effective rebuilds.

The core of our business is the Control Techniques Products which consist of all AC/DC drives and accessories. Control Techniques is owned by Emerson Industrial Automation Group, as well as Leroy Somer, motors and gearboxes, which is also part of our product range. Complementary to these products we also do various kinds of PLC's, HMI's and standalone PC Control systems developed by SK Technologies to suit your application.