AC Induction Motors

Leroy Somer specialise in the design and manufacture of industrial AC and DC electric motors, mechanical power transmissions and alternators. Leroy Somer operate 38 production facilities in Europe, USA, China and India, employing over 10,000 people. Leroy Somer Motors Leroy Somer LS, LSMV and FLS motors offer a standard series of AC motors that cover the power range from 0.55kW to 750kW. The rugged and flexible design means that the motors can be applied in virtually any application. Efficient PerformanceMotor Design The electrical, magnetic and mechanical design of the motors have been developed using sophisticated modelling techniques such as finite element analysis that ensure exceptional thermal and torque generating performance and optimum motor reliability. Leroy Somer motors are high efficiency to minimise energy consumption which, combined with Control Techniques drives, offers an energy optimised solution for your applications. High levels of shock and vibration resistance ensure the motors are reliable in the most demanding applications such as steel production, dock cranes or cement works. Flexible Power Leroy Somer motors are available with a wide range of choices to ensure the motor matches your application needs. Various feedback devices, insulated bearings, safety brake and thermal protection methods are available. FLS motors can be specified with CORROBLOC for an anti-corrosion finish that enables the motors to be used in humid, corrosive or harsh environments.