Digitax ST

Overview Meeting the demands of modern lean manufacturing environments requires smaller more flexible machinery. Digitax ST is the first ever drive designed to help machine designers and system integrators meet these challenges; optimised for servo applications requiring high peak torque, dynamic response, ease of use and flexible integration features. Four product variants ensure that the drive's personality perfectly matches your servo applications. Digitax ST - Base Optimised for centralised control, to operate with motion controllers, motion PLCs and industrial PC based motion systems using a wide range of digital or analogue interface technologies. Digitax ST - Indexer Designed for simple standalone positioning applications using an onboard position controller. Fieldbus, Ethernet and IO enable connectivity to other automation components. Digitax ST - EZ Motion This drive offers a stand alone solution for many common indexing and synchronised motion applications. This is achieved using a unique PC programming interface that guides the user through the drive, I/O and motion configuration. Digitax ST - Plus Features a full functionality motion controller, optimised for high performance machine cells requiring drive-to-drive networking and precision synchronisation. The motion and communications are configured within a flexible IEC61131-3 software development environment using PLCopen function blocks. Fieldbus, Ethernet and I/O connectivity enable interfacing with other automation components and intellectual property protection ensures that your valuable knowledge remains secure. See 3D introduction Typical Applications * Printing * Packaging * Pick and Place * Material Handling * Indexing * Conveyor Positioning * Cut-to-length * Labelling * Rotary Knife * Flying Shear Benefits * Onboard position controller offers superior performance and reduces cubicle space * High-speed drive to drive network reduces wiring and improves system performance * Familiar programming environments reduce development time * Real-time servo networks such as EtherCAT, SERCOS and CANopen allow the drive to operate with most motion controllers * Ethernet and Fieldbus connectivity enable the drive to integrate with other parts of the automation system * Onboard universal encoder input is able to connect to incremental, SinCos, Hiperface, EnDAT and SSI encoders as standard * The drive features a safe torque off input which disables the output stage of the drive with a high degree of security. This reduces the cost of complying with machine safety standards such as EN954 Cat 3,EN61800-5-2 SIL3, EN ISO13949-1 PL=e and enables the drive to integrate easily with the machine safety system * Designed to operate with Unimotor FM, a complete range of high-performance servo motors for industrial environments