Mentor II

Overview Mentor II is the World?s favourite DC drive, installed in hundreds of thousands of applications, providing the reliability, power and control to increase productivity for both new machines and applications where DC motors are already installed. * Up to four Mentor II drives can be connected in parallel and series to quadruple the power range. This modular solution simplifies the handling of the individual drive units and makes the maintenance and servicing easier * Drives can be arranged to provide 6, 12 or 24 pulse systems. Higher pulse systems reduce the harmonic distortion of the mains supply current Applications Many DC drive applications are for retrofit systems to improve the performance and prolong the life of existing plants and machinery. New applications for DC drives include: * High Power applications * Winding and unwinding * Pulp and Paper processing * Metal Rolling and processing * Ski lifts Benefits * Powerful onboard intelligence allows the drives functionality to be finely customised to the application and allows the removal of troublesome analogue control circuits * Standard winder and flying shear software allow Mentor to be integrated quickly and easily * Modular approach to high power drives allows multiple Mentor II drives to be connected in parallel or series to economically achieve the required motor current and voltage rating * MentorSoft, a windows based software, provides an intuitive environment for configuring the drives functionality * Our knowledge and experience in DC drive systems allows us to recommend the best solution for your individual circumstances * Mentor II integrates closely with the Control Techniques AC drives using CTNet, drive-to-drive communications * Regenerative and non-regenerative modules available to suit your application * Fieldbus options including Profibus and DeviceNet allow Mentor to be integrated within an automation system * Worldwide expertise and support